Blackheads on Nose

Blackheads on Nose: What Are They?

Have you ever found some dark and black spots on your nose? Well, we are not talking about mole here. It is because the dark and black spots are quite bumpy. What we talk here is the kind of acne which is common with the name of blackheads. If you have such matters on your nose, it can be said that you are havingĀ blackheads on nose. Actually, such acne can occur in some other parts in our bodies such as the ears, chin, lips, and back. What makes this kind of acne different from the regular acne, in addition to the color, you might also find that it is a little more painful when you touch it and it is also harder to get rid of the acne. Here, at this point, we are going to talk about how this kind of acne can occur and also the possible treatments that you can apply when you find the acne on your body.

Blackheads on Nose

If you want to know about how such blackheads on nose appear, you need to know that our skin has countless amounts of pores. Of course, you might find it hard to see these pores because they have tiny size. The pores have the function to let the sebum, dead cells, oil, and even bacteria to get out from the body. Indeed, those things are dirty matters. If you do not clean your skin properly, those dirty matters will not go out from the skin properly. It is even possible for them to pile up in the pores. As the result, the pigments of the skin will turn to be blacker due to the oxidization that happens to them. This is how blackheads happen.

You also need to know that the blackheads have the tendency to appear in some parts of our skin like what have been mentioned before such as the nose. Well, such parts actually have some similarities. Those parts emit the sebum and the other things in greater amount. That is why blackheads on nose are more common than the other parts of the body. By considering the possible cause of the blackheads that has been discussed before, what you need to do to prevent the blackheads from happening to you is definitely to maintain the condition of the skin. Yes, indeed, you can use some products to clean your skin like your nose. Use the scrub to make the dirt which is piling up in the pores can be cleaned. That way, blackheads on nose will not happen to you.

However, what if the blackheads already happen on your nose? Well, although this kind of acne is more stubborn to get rid of but you do not need to worry. There have been some products that you can find out there that can help you to remove the blackheads on nose. You can also use the pore strips to life the blackheads. However, it is highly recommended for you to go to the dermatologist so the blackheads can be overcome for sure and without any chance of harming you.